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Motors and controllers > Controller > Controller for servo motors
Core product range
  • Nominal voltage: 230 V AC, 400 V AC
  • Nominal current: 2.5 ... 30 A
  • Nominal power: 500 ... 18000 VA
Control technology > Documentation


Electric cables and connectors > Plug connectors
Core product range
  • Plug connector for
    • Motor controller and multi-axis control systems
    • Frontend controllers FEC
    • Bus connection CAN-Bus and PROFIBUS
    • Motor controllers CMMP-AS, CMMS-ST.
Electric cables and connectors > Connecting cables > Connecting cables for controls
Core product range
  • Connection between the sensor interface CASM and the displacement encoder
  • Pilot line suitable for motor controllers CMMS-ST and CMMP-AS.
  • Cable length 0.3 ... 10 m.
Control technology > Operator units
  • Simulation of input/output signals during commissioning
  • Full functionality of the motor controller's I/O interface available
  • Suitable for commissioning the motor controller
    • CMMO-ST-C5
    • CMMP-AS
    • CMMS-AS
    • CMMD-AS
    • CMMS-ST
Electric cables and connectors > Plug connectors > Plug connector for control systems
Core product range
  • Assortment of plugs for motor controllers CMMP-AS,CMMS-ST
  • Comprising:
    • Power supply plug
    • Motor connection plug.