Control technology
Schematic Solution
Feldbus moduli CTEU
Motorkontroler CMMP
Servis za štednju energije FESS
Kontroler pokreta CPX
Kontroler krajnjih položaja SPC11
Motorkontroler CMMS
Motorkontroler SFC
Ventilski blokovi CPV
Ventilski blok MPA-C
Ventilski blokovi MPA-S
Ventilski blokovi MPA-L
Ventilski blokovi VTSA
Ventilski blokovi CPV-SC
Elektrika-terminal CPX
Ventilski blokovi CPV/CPA, CP elektrika
Checkbox Compact CHB-C-N
Compact Vision sustavi SBOx


  • The “Schematic Solution” app creates a complete Eplan project according to the individual configuration of the valve terminal in just a few minutes.
  • Gain time and certainty by using automated Eplan projects instead of creating them on your own!