Control technology
Schematic Solution
Feldbus moduli CTEU
Motorkontroler CMMP
Servis za štednju energije FESS
Kontroler pokreta CPX
Kontroler krajnjih položaja SPC11
Motorkontroler CMMS
Ventilski blokovi CPV
Ventilski blok MPA-C
Ventilski blokovi MPA-S
Ventilski blokovi MPA-L
Ventilski blokovi VTSA
Ventilski blokovi CPV-SC
Elektrika-terminal CPX
Ventilski blokovi CPV/CPA, CP elektrika
Checkbox Compact CHB-C-N
Compact Vision sustavi SBOx


  • The “Schematic Solution” app creates a complete Eplan project according to the individual configuration of the valve terminal in just a few minutes.
  • Gain time and certainty by using automated Eplan projects instead of creating them on your own!