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Novità 7/2018
  • Software operativo modulare per il kit servopressa YJKP
  • Software e manuale per
    • Checkbox
    • Sistemi di comando
    • Sistemi di posizionamento servo-pneumatici
  • Licenza software SBO...-Q Tools Add-In
  • Per l'abilitazione di ulteriori strumenti sw sul sistema di visione.
New 4/2019: version P6 available
  • With FluidDraw P6, you can quickly and easily create electrical and pneumatic circuit diagrams.
  • The software simplifies the documentation of complete systems as well as the creation of simple sketches.
  • The “Schematic Solution” app creates a complete Eplan project according to the individual configuration of the valve terminal in just a few minutes.
  • Gain time and certainty by using automated Eplan projects instead of creating them on your own!
  • The digital maintenance manager for production managers and system operators supports digital, paperless maintenance management.
  • Maintenance tasks and schedules can be flexibly created, duplicated and then evaluated.