Part number: 197330

 Core product range 

Modular periphery system for valve terminals


General operating conditions
Data sheet


Exemplary representation

Data sheet
Overall data sheet – Individual values depend upon your configuration.
Feature Value
Internal cycle time < 1 ms
Maximum address volume for inputs 64 Byte
Maximum address volume for outputs 64 Byte
Diagnosis Diagnostics memory
Channel and module-oriented diagnostics
Undervoltage modules
Parameters configuring Diagnostics behaviour
Fail-safe reaction
Forcing of channels
Signal setup
LED displays Bus status
Channel status
Module status
System state
Operating voltage range DC 18 ... 30 V
Nominal operating voltage DC 24 V
Electrical connection Fieldbus
Integrated controller
Max. power supply 16 A
CE mark (see declaration of conformity) to EU directive for EMC
to EU directive explosion protection (ATEX)
Storage temperature -20 ... 70 °C
Protection class IP65
Ambient temperature -5 ... 50 °C
Authorisation C-Tick
c UL us - Recognized (OL)
ATEX category Gas II 3G
Explosion ignition protection type Gas Ex nA IIC T4 X Gc
Explosion protection certification outside the EU EPL Gc (RU)
Explosion-proof ambient temperature -5°C <= Ta <= +50°C