toothed belt axis

Part number: 3013359

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With recirculating ball bearing guide


General operating conditions
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Data sheet  
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Effective diameter of drive pinion 28,65 mm
Working stroke 1.200 mm
Size 80
Stroke reserve 0 mm
Toothed-belt stretch 0,24 %
Toothed-belt pitch 3 mm
Assembly position Any
Guide Recirculating ball bearing guide
Design structure Electromechanical linear axis
With toothed belt
Motor type Stepper motor
Max. acceleration 50 m/s2
Max. speed 5 m/s
Repetition accuracy ±0,08 mm
Duty cycle 100 %
Protection class IP40
Ambient temperature -10 ... 60 °C
Area moment of inertia 2nd degree Ix 844 * 1003 mm4
Area moment of inertia 2nd degree Iy 1.160 * 1003 mm4
Max. force Fy 3.050 N
Max. force Fz 3.050 N
Max. idling displacement resistance 28 N
Max. torque Mx 36 Nm
Max. feed force Fx 350 N
Torsional mass moment of inertia It 551 * 1003 mm4
Mass moment of inertia JH per metre of stroke 0,19 kgcm2
Mass moment of inertia JL per kg of working load 2,05 kgcm2
Feed constant 90 mm/U
Material of end caps Wrought Aluminium alloy
Material of profile Wrought Aluminium alloy
Materials note Contains PWIS substances
Conforms to RoHS
Material drive cover Wrought Aluminium alloy
Material guide slide Steel
Material guide rail Steel
Material pulleys High alloy steel, non-corrosive
Material slide Wrought Aluminium alloy
Material toothed belt clamping piece Stainless steel casting
Material toothed belt polychloroprene with glass cord and nylon coating