Pneumatic drives
Cylinder attachments and accessories
Mounting components for drive units
Mounting components for sensors
Piston rod attachments
Linear guides
Accessories for direct valve mounting
Clamping elements
Freewheel unit
Accessories for cushioning components
Drive-specific accessories

Cylinder attachments and accessories

= Core product range
Core product range
  • Brackets, plates, flanges, swivel mountings, ...
Core product range
  • End stops, retainers, mounting plates, ...
Core product range
  • Rod clevis, rod eye, adapter, threaded rod, load inverter, moment compensator, self-aligning rod coupler, push-on flange, coupling piece.
Core product range
  • Linear guides for use with non-guided actuators
  • Manifold blocks, mounting kits and throttle component for mounting valves directly to cylinders.
  • Clamping elements, special indexing, stops for drives.
  • Viewed of drive shaft side, anticlockwise rotation
  • View of drive shaft side, clockwise rotation
  • Drive component which converts the swivel motion of a semi-rotary cylinder into rotary motion.
  • Shock absorber mounting, buffer, oil gun.
  • Intermediate position modules, indexing conversion kits, diagnostic modules, measuring transducer.