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Electrical connector technology > Plug connectors
Core product range
  • Plug connector for
    • Motor controller and multi-axis control systems
    • Frontend controllers FEC
    • Bus connection CAN-Bus and PROFIBUS
    • Motor controllers CMMP-AS, CMMS-ST.
Electrical connector technology > Connecting cables > Connecting cables for controls
  • Programming cables for FEC
Servo-pneumatic positioning systems > Axis controllers
  • End positions with 2 additional, freely selectable intermediate positions
  • Electronic end-position control for pneumatic drives
  • Soft-stop for gentle deceleration and fast acceleration
  • Use with all fieldbuses available for CPX/Ethernet
  • and controllers FEC
  • Simple commissioning, Festo plug & work®
  • Travel times and air consumption roughly 30% less
  • than comparable standard pneumatics
Electrical connector technology > Plug connectors > Plug connector for control systems
  • Plug connector for FEC
  • Connection cross section: 0.08 ... 0.75 mm².