Ready-to-install solutions
Control cabinets
Mounting plates
Pneumatic drives with accessories
Integration solutions

Ready-to-install solutions

  • Individually matched to the application
  • Pneumatic, electric of in combination for:
    • Factory automation
    • Process automation
    • Controlling handling systems
  • Support plates with function-specific, pre-assembled pneumatic and electric components. Ready-to-install including tubing and wiring
  • Pre-assembled function units with pneumatic and electric components
  • Create pneumatic modules yourself with the Festo Design Tool 3D.
  • Select accessories directly in the CAD model and define your pre-assembled module.
  • Available for the following series:
    • Cylinders with piston rod: ADN, DSBC, DSNU, DSNU-S, ADVC, AEVC, ADN-S, AEN-S
    • Semi-rotary drives: DRRD, DRVS
    • Drives with guides: DFM, DGSL, DGST
    • Linear actuators with position feedback: DFPI
  • Space-saving solutions for limited installation space thanks to elimination of tubing connections
    • Manifold duct plates
    • Cartridge solutions
    • Sheet metal structures and special housing
    • Function blocks
    • Profile solutions