Official Partners

Sales partners

Close to you, close to Festo.

Do you buy Festo products from a distributor? Then check if the distributor is one of our Official Partners. This can only benefit you as a customer. Official Partners are trained and certified by Festo. We work closely with selected distributors and embark together on the road to success, which will also benefit you as a customer.

Official Partners: the direct route to Festo

Greater service. Greater expertise: you benefit from two outstanding partners. Official Partners are in constant contact with Festo and they can offer you various products and services such as, for example, in logistics, 24-hour delivery, Kanban or over-the-counter sales.

In terms of technical services too, Official Partners can offer, for instance, a 24-hour hotline, order picking, support with commissioning, building control cabinets or integrating systems.

Fast and convenient

The choice is yours, since our Official Partners offer products from several different manufacturers. You benefit from a close-knit partnership that combines speed with delivery capability and great expertise with practical implementation.

Buying from our Official Partners is worth it!

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