Core Range for automation

In a world that is changing and evolving at an ever faster pace, you are continually confronted with new challenges. And the only way to achieve lasting success is by making the right decisions. Why not start by significantly simplifying your procurement process? The Festo Core Range contains a selection of the most important functions and products that you can use to solve the majority of your automation tasks. Available worldwide and quickly, even in large quantities – with the expected high Festo quality and offering the best value. Just look for the blue star!

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You can quickly and easily find exactly what you’re looking for in our Online Shop, which is extremely user-friendly and open 24 hours a day. You can order from over 35,000 products at any time. Featuring express shipping, quotation and order management, and the ability to check pricing and delivery time in real time.

Suggested products

One-way flow control valve

One-way flow control valve VFOE

Barely thicker than a tube and just as lightweight, the one-way flow control valve can be mounted directly on the drive.

Proximity switch

Proximity switch SDBT-MSX

Electronic proximity switch for T-slot, can be inserted from above; commissioning without a power supply is quick, easy and very reliable, without the need for precision adjustment or re-adjustment, either via auto teach-in or programming

Service unit

Service unit MS-EM1FR

The attractively priced MS-Basic is an extension of the existing MS series. This makes both fully compatible. Do you need extended functions such as a fine filter? Then combine the MS-Basic with the MS series.

Mini slide

Mini slide DGST

The most compact slide on the market. Comes with integrated shock absorber and sensor holders, and integrated basic cushioning. Best of all: the slide and yoke are a single component ‒ offering great torsional rigidity and unrivalled precision.

Compact cylinder, double-acting

Compact cylinder, double-acting ADN-S

Smaller systems yet better performance. This is a feat compact cylinders ADN-S are capable of. They are extremely small and light and deliver excellent performance with small movements. All thanks to the single-piece, compact housing.

Round cylinder

Round cylinder DSNU-S

Slimmer and shorter than ever before. Ideal for tight installation spaces. Extremely sturdy thanks to its resilient materials.

Guided drive, metric

Guided drive, metric DFM

With the guided drive DFM, you can count on precise guidance and great absorption of torques and lateral forces, coupled with a sturdy, compact design. It is suitable for clamping, lifting and stopping applications.

Simply part of the solution

How can we make your work easier and make you even more productive? This is the question we are focusing on. Getting production processes fit for the future is a great way to answer this question. Our customers in process and factory automation have done just that. Read the success stories here.

Simply the best. How our customers benefit from our Core Range:

Quickly available, even in larger quantities

Requirements quickly add up when dealing with larger series and numerous similar components. Thanks to the automated production of our Core Range, customers enjoy on-time deliveries of consistently high quality.

Our Core Range – simply part of the solution.

Products and services beyond the Core Range:

In addition to the Core Range, Festo also offers these products and services:

Complete product range with products for more specific requirements

• Customer-specific solutions for highly individual requirements

Service and training

We are happy to help you identify your needs and find the right solution.