Ideal for developers: Liquid Handling Starter Kit

An easy and faster way to new dispensing applications

Pressure-controlled dispensing systems are used wherever precision, throughput and reliability are required. Festo offers developers in laboratory automation a starter kit for dispensing liquids that simplifies and speeds up the initial setup of a new dispensing application.

Perfect for testing, precision in dispensing

The starter kit allows you to familiarise yourself with the versatility of a pressure-controlled dispensing system without any huge effort. The functional kit is therefore initially intended for evaluation and development tests in laboratories, as a precursor for use in OEM series-produced machines for laboratory automation.

The precision liquid dosing makes pressure-controlled dispensing systems ideal for in vitro diagnostics (IVD), high throughput screening, as well as general life science research applications. But they can also be used for a multitude of industrial micro dispensing applications.

The starter kit includes a fast switching dispense head VTOE, a dynamic proportional pressure regulator VEAB, and all the components required to get started.

Simple principles, wide range of volumes

A pressure regulator can be used to vary the pressure in the liquid reservoir. If the pressure in the reservoir is increased compared to the surroundings and the fluid valve is opened at the same time, liquid is dispensed from the reservoir through the nozzle. The amount of liquid that is dispensed can be adjusted extremely precisely by using the pressure and opening time as the parameters.

This enables a wide range of different volumes, from nl to ml, to be realised. The linear pressure and opening time characteristics enable easy adjustment of the required dispensing quantity. A safety valve is connected directly to the reservoir to prevent excess air pressure from building up in the bottle.

It is important to keep the pressure at the valve as constant as possible. Pressure variations have a direct influence on the dosed volume. The proportional regulator VEAB is therefore used for dynamic pressure regulation. It can regulate a setpoint value with a repetition accuracy of 0.4%.

Includes almost everything you need to get started

The starter kit contains all the main components for putting a pressure-controlled dispensing system into operation. The only additional requirements are a compressed air supply, a valve control signal, and a 24 V supply.


  • Instructions for use
  • VTOE 1-1, polycarbonate dispense head
  • VEAB, piezo proportional pressure regulator
  • Manifold with safety valve
  • NEBU, cable for VEAB
  • PFAN 3 mm tubing, chemical-resistant tubing
  • Fittings, ¼-28 lock ring and push-in connector QSM
  • Schott Duran GL45 1L bottle
  • GL45 cap for bottle