Solutions for wafer-based
solar module production

Fast and safe conveyance of wafers and solar cells

H-gantry EXCM

H-gantry with Bernoulli gripper OGGB

The high-speed H-gantry EXCM is fast, precise and compact.

The sensitive wafers are gently transported in combination with the Bernoulli gripper OGGB for low-contact gripping.


This process is extremely safe and is economic in its compressed air consumption.


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Optionally with commissioning service

Bernoulli gripper OGGB in the catalogue

Smooth movement into the end position: this protects not only the sensitive wafers

Standard cylinder DSBC

Standard cylinder DSBC

The DSBC with its self-adjusting pneumatic end-position cushioning PPS adapts perfectly to changes in load and speed.

  • Correct cushioning reduces wear.
  • Self-adjustment saves time.

Product information on DSBC

Standard cylinder DSBC in the catalogue

Complete mounting plates for the control cabinet during wafer cutting: assembled, with all tubing and wiring fitted, checked and documented

Монтажная плата, готовая к установке

Готовые монтажные платы для шкафов управления, используемые во время резки пластин: собранные на заводе, оборудованные всеми трубными и проводными соединениями, проверенные и задокументированные

Создаются специально для вашей технологической системы.

Экономия времени и трудозатрат на монтаж.

  • Системы перемещения
  • Шкафы управления
  • Монтажные платы
  • Модули

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For fast and precise handling of wafers

Tripod EXPT

High-speed handling with the tripod EXPT

  • Faster than traditional Cartesian handling systems
  • Little space required
  • Highly dynamic with 150 picks/min


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Tripod EXPT in the catalogue


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