The AS-Interface offers optimised operation at reduced costs

The ideal combination

Optimised operation at reduced costs. Ideal wherever decentralised solutions are required. Fast, low-cost and sturdy, AS-Interface is suitable for binary and analogue actuators and sensors, as well as small valve terminals and intelligent cylinders.


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I/O modules for the AS-interface:

Product information

Festo valve terminal CPV type 10

Valve terminal type 10 CPV

  • Widths 10, 14, 18 mm
  • Flow rate 400, 800 and 1600 l/min
  • Wide range of valve and additional functions
  • Connection to electrical terminal type CPX via CP interface



Bus node CTEU-AS

Interface for valve terminals VTUB based on Festo-specific I-ports

Can be expanded into a decentralised installation system


More about CTEU-AS

    Festo valve terminal MPA type 32

Valve terminal type 32 MPA

  • Controlled via AS-interface
  • 2 to 8 valves, freely configurable (max. 8 solenoid coils) with input feedback.


Catalogue information for type 32 MPA

Type 32 MPA in the catalogue

    Festo valve terminal VTSA type 44

Valve terminal type 44 VTSA

  • Controlled via AS-interface
  • Max. 8 valve positions/max. 8 solenoid coils
  • Connecting thread G


Product information for valve terminal VTSA

Valve terminal VTSA in the catalogue


I/O modules for the AS-interface:

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