Project and solution highlights

Project and solution highlights

Sanfter Vertikaltransport von Dünschichtmodulen mit Lösungen von Festo

Soft and gentle lifting of substrates

The vertical transport of fragile, heavy thin-film modules presents a challenge: despite the high moving load, gentle and even movement must be achieved in order to prevent damage. The high moving load often pushes traditional spindle systems to their limits. These challenges are perfectly mastered by lifting systems from Festo.

Lifter systems from Festo for the production of thin-layer solar cells

The challenge: heavy weight, maximum speed, constant
and smooth movement

These requirements are dealt with by lifter systems from Festo. Due to the clever combination of pneumatic and electric drives, the benefits of both technologies have been optimised for the application. The pneumatic axis is for weight compensation and the electric axis with toothed belt drive controls the movement. This ensures the rapid yet gentle transport of the glass.

  • The benefits of two technologies from a single source optimise the transport performance 
  • Significant reduction of the motor and controller sizes compared to spindle solutions