Project and solution highlights

Optimal angepasste Handlinglösung von Festo zum schnellen und genauen Dispensing

Quick and precise dispensing

Precision is required when applying the adhesive track. Insufficiently applied conductive adhesive doesn't guarantee sufficient contact; too much adhesive can result in short circuits. Speed is also an important issue for competitive production. The application must also be able to deal flexibly with the variation in glass formats.

Flexible, quick and precise application of conductive adhesives with solutions from Festo

Optimally adapted handling solution for quick and precise dispensing

Two independently positionable dispense heads that operate in parallel carry the adhesive beads onto the thin-film cells. Thanks to the precision of the axes, the adhesive beads are accurate to within 0.2 millimetres. Track length, track distance, formulas, etc. are freely programmable.

Exact and precise: the two dispense heads that operate in parallel can be positioned via independently functioning X-axes.