Precision handling in the press shop

The bottom line here is that the equipment has to operate accurately and at the highest possible speed, while using enormous forces. For the press shop, we offer, among other things, solutions for extremely accurate handling and gripping tasks, such as feeding in and separating sheet metal, secure fixing, lifting and transport, which are proven to be sturdy, durable and economic.


Suitable products for the press shop


Integrated functions

The vacuum generator OVEM combines vacuum generation and monitoring in one compact unit. With condition monitoring for increased process reliability.
Energy saving: the integrated check valve prevents a pressure drop after the vacuum is switched off.


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Highly dynamic

Vacuum generator OVEL is ideal for highly dynamic, decentralised handling applications. Weight-optimised and compact, it is the perfect solution for direct integration at the front end unit.


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Handling system

From small and fragile to large and heavy

Gantry systems tailored to your specific needs provide the right solution for your handling task – electric, pneumatic or a combination.


The quick and easy way to the right handling system

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