Error-free, high-speed painting systems

Delivering precise and consistent compressed air supply contributes significantly to the car bodies moving through the paint shop at a high cycle rate and with uniform quality. Festo provides a range of solutions and components.


Suitable products for painting systems


Wartungsgeräte der Baureihe MS

Maximum throughput for greater process reliability

The service unit components from the MS series offer a suitable solution for every task. Combine different sizes, filter cascades and air dryers for the required compressed air quality in an energy-optimised manner. Also available in certified versions with integrated sensors and safety functions up to Performance Level e to DIN EN ISO 13849-1. 


Perfect compressed air preparation



Durchflussregelventil VPCF

Precise spray jet control with a high dynamic response

The flow control valve VPCF meets the highest requirements for dynamic response and repetition accuracy with a linear characteristic curve.
It is durable even in critical environments as it is IP65 classified, has ATEX 3 GD approval and is, of course, PWIS-free.


Immediate increase in productivity

VPCF animation