Record-breaking speed in drive train production

The application: cold, hot or leakage tests for motors and gear boxes

Your objective: reliable test results for excellent product quality

Our solution: reliable components for control and monitoring

Solenoid valve VSNC

Solenoid valve VSNC

  • Easy conversion from 5/2- to 3/2-way operation
  • A variety of safety functions: IEC EX-certified solenoid systems for zones 1 and 2, CL I variants and CL I variants in accordance with NEC 500
  • Excellent price/performance ratio

Solenoid valve VSNC in the catalogue 

    Standard cylinder DSBC with cushioning PPS

Standard cylinder DSBC with self-adjusting cushioning PPS

ISO 15552

  • Reduced set-up time with self-adjusting end-position cushioning PPS
  • Simple installation, no re-adjustment required, optimum cushioning
  • Adapts perfectly to changes in load and speed 

Standard cylinder DSBC in the catalogue

    Maximum pneumatic and electrical function integration: valve terminal Festo VTSA

Ideal for maximum pneumatic and electrical function integration: valve terminal VTSA

  • Four valve sizes on one valve terminal – without adapter plates
  • For general use, including complete installation solutions for medium to large-scale machine concepts
  • With the electrical terminal CPX, suitable for all common fieldbus systems
  • Integrated safety valves meet the latest ISO standard 13849-1 and EU machinery directive.


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