Point-to-point connection at the field level

IO-Link is a standardised IO technology (IEC 61131-9) for communicating with both sensors and actuators. This powerful point-to-point communication is based on the familiar three-wire sensor and actuator connection, making no further demands on the cabling. IO-Link is therefore not a fieldbus but the further development of the existing, proven connection technology for sensors and actuators.

Valve terminals from Festo are port type B devices with galvanically isolated electronics and valve power supply. They communicate via the IO-Link protocol 1.1, can use all three COM modes and process inputs and outputs of up to 8 bytes. Other IO-Link devices from Festo have an A type port and protocol V1.1.

IO-Link product scope

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IO-Link benefits with Festo products

Easier to install, faster to commission

Standard cable (M8/M12) and IO-Link replace multi-pin connecting cables for valve terminals, analogue lines or special connections. What does that mean for you?

  • Lower material costs thanks to the use of affordable standard cables
  • Low-cost installation and networking of intelligent sensors, pressure regulators, vacuum generators and valve terminals with diagnostic options
  • Fewer signal levels that are susceptible to disturbance; simple diagnostic messages
  • Simple parameterisation and saving of complex sensor data in the IO-Link master, e.g. position sensors, pressure sensors and flow sensors
  • Compact controller CECC with up to 4 IO-Link master ports
  • Greater installation flexibility, e.g. energy chain throughfeed or adaptations to suit harsh environments using matching connecting cables from the Festo NEBU series