Project and solution highlights

Flexible production of electric connectors at Harwin plc

For the manufacturing of their electric Gecko connectors series Harwin has developed a modular and scalable automation concept.

The three main stations:

  • for inserting the pin contacts into the connector housings
  • press-fitting the pins
  • bending the pins

are based on modules with as many standard parts as possible.

The family owned British manufacturer Harwin plc relies on Festo automation to safeguard the quality and flexibility of its production using equipment such as the servo press kit YJKP and the compact handling system YXMx.


User report Harwin plc:

Servo presses and handling systems for connector assembly



Press-fit plug connectors on printed circuit board

This precise and powerful handling and assembly device combines the gripping and feeding of press-fit plug connectors with an integrated joining process.

Dual monitoring - visually and by means of force/displacement - ensures that all the pins are press-fitted with the appropriate force and fit precisely.


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Pressing cartridges into a valve housing

Pressing applications in small parts assembly and electronics manufacturing are varied and require different forces:
high pressing forces, e.g. when pressing cartridges into valve housings, or gentle pressing in, such as in PCB assembly.


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