New products 2016

Pneumatic drives

Pneumatic drives

All new pneumatic drives:

ISO cylinder DSBC with position sensor SDAT

Hinge cylinders DFAW

ISO cylinder DSBG

Semi-rotary drive DRRD

Linear drive DDLI

Electric drives and handling systems

Electric drives

All new electric drives and handling systems:

Servo press kit YJKP

Handling system YXMx

Planar surface gantry EXCM

Linear gantry EXCT

Valves and valve terminals

Valves and valve terminals

All new valves and valve terminals:

Universal directional control valve VUVG-...-S

Universal directional control valve VUVS-...-S

Valve terminal MPA-C in Clean Design

Valve terminals MPA-S and MPA-L

Installation system CTEL

Proportional pressure regulator VPPX

PROFIsafe input module CPX-F8DE-P

CODESYS controller CPX-CEC-C1/s1/M1-V3

Compressed air preparation and connection technology

Air preparation

All new products for compressed air preparation and connection technology:

Vacuum generator OVEM

Energy efficiency module MSE6-E2M

One-way flow control valve VFOH

Tubing PAN-R and fitting QS G3/4

Clip fix tool AGTC

Sensors and vision systems


All new sensors and vision systems:

Sensor/actuator distributor NEDY

Position sensor SRBS-Q1/Q12

Proximity sensor SDBT-BSW

Checkbox Compact CHB-C-N

Vision sensor SBSI

Flow sensor SFAW

Process automation

Process industry

All new products for process automation:

Quarter turn actuator DFPD

Sensor box SRBC

Positioner CMSX

Solenoid valve VSNC

Solenoid valves VOFC and VOFD

Linear actuator with integrated displacement encoder DFPI-NB3

Pinch valve VZQA


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