New pneumatic drives

Semi-rotary vane drive DRVS

Semi-rotary vane drive DRVS with position sensor SRBS-Q1/Q12

Powerfull semi-rotary drive with easy position sensing

Simple and compacte design, contactless position sensing without mechanical adjustment


Semi-rotary drive DRVS and position sensor SRBS in the catalogue

ISO cylinder DSBC

ISO cylinder DSBC with position sensor SDAT

A powerful duo

The analogue sensor includes the entire piston stroke in the five most important standard strokes.


ISO cylinder DSBC with position sensor SDAT in the catalogue

Hinge cylinder DFAW

Hinge cylinder DFAW

Get the weld exactly where it should be.

New welding field immune proximity sensor SDBT-BSW integrated


Hinge cylinder DFAW in the catalogue

ISO cylinder DSBG

ISO cylinder DSBG

Powerful large cylinder with tie rods

New sizes 250 and 320

ISO cylinder DSBG in the catalogue

Semi-rotary drive with piston DRRD

Semi-rotary drive DRRD

Greater stability even for smaller sizes

Now in 11 sizes from 8 to 63 mm


Semi-rotary drive DRRD in the catalogue

Linear drive DDLI

Linear drive DDLI

Powerful, precise positioning

Built-in displacement encoder: absolute and contactless measuring

Linear drive DDLI in the catalogue