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Pressure sensor SPAU

Pressure sensor SPAU

Flexible pressure measurement

The new pressure sensor and transmitter SPAU for pressure measurement, monitoring and sensing, keeps every value permanently under control.


Pressure sensor SPAU in the catalogue

Sensor/actuator distributor NEDY

Sensor/actuator distributor NEDY

Double the connection options

NEDY creates connections between two field devices and double-occupied M8/M12 input/outputs on decentralised I/O modules.


Sensor/actuator distributor NEDY in the catalogue

Position transmitter SRBS-Q1/Q12

Position transmitter SRBS-Q1/Q12

Your simple position sensing solution for semi-rotary drives

For rotary drives DRVS and DSM


Position sensor SRBS-Q1/Q12 in the catalogue

Proximity sensor SDBT-BSW

Welding field immune proximity sensor SDBT-BSW for hinge cylinder DFAW

Welding made safe

Sensor function and mechanical mounting designed for Festo drives, e.g. for the DFAW


Proximity switch SDBT for T-slot in the catalogue

Checkbox compact CHB-C-N

Checkbox Compact CHB-C-N

Camera-based sorting, checking and counting of assembly parts

Intelligent camera system with adaptive control of the parts supply and optical workpiece identification


Checkbox Compact CHB-C-N in the catalogue

Vision sensor SBSI

Vision sensor SBSI

Quick and low-cost implementation of simple camera applications

New: PROFINET interface


Vision sensor SBSI in the catalogue

Flow sensor SFAW

Flow sensor SFAW

Easily monitor cooling circuits

This lets you monitor the flow, consumption and temperature of fluid media in safe and controlled way.


Flow sensor SFAW in the catalogue