New products for compressed air preparation and connection technology

Safety valve MS6-SV-D

Safety valve MS6-SV-D

Safety for people and machines at an attractive price

Ideal for manufacturers of series-produced machines with high safety requirements up to PL d and optionally up to PL d


Safety valve MS6-SV in the catalogue

Vacuum generator OVEM

Vacuum generator OVEM

Simple operation and diagnostics

New: with IO-Link, you can easily control the OVEM from a PLC.


Vacuum generator OVEM in the catalogue

Energy efficiency module MSE6-E2M

Energy efficiency module MSE6-E2M

Saving energy has never been easier

MSE6-E2M fully automatically monitors and regulates the compressed air supply to your systems with up to 20% less compressed air consumption.

Service unit combinations: series MSE6 in the catalogue

One-way flow control valve VFOH made of solid metal

One-way flow control valve VFOH

Made of solid metal - affordable alternative to stainless steel version

Food safe and temperature resistant up to 150°C


One-way flow control valve VFOH in the catalogue



Clip fix tool AGTC

Clip fix tool AGTC

Less work for your employees

Pneumatic mounting device for clips replaces manual tasks in automotive assembly.


Clip fix tool AGTC in the catalogue

Tubing PAN-R and fitting QS G3/4

Tubing PAN-R 22 + 28 mm and fitting QS G3/4

Ideal for high flow rates of over 10,000 l/min

Sturdy O.D. tubing of 22 and 28 mm and matching fittings make it really easy to connect large valve terminals such as the VTSA or drives such as the DSBG.


Tubing PAN-R and fitting QS in the catalogue