New products for process automation

Angle seat valves VZXA

Angle seat valves VZXA

Modular and easy-to-clean stainless steel process valve

Sturdy process valves: ideal for shutting off highly viscous media, fluids, gases or vapours


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Quarter turn actuator DFPD

Quarter turn actuator DFPD

Configurable quarter turn actuator with a simple and compact design

For automation of butterfly valves, ball valves and air dampers in the process industry


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Sensor box SRBC

Sensor box SRBC for quarter turn actuators

Weather-proof, also for aggressive or corrosive environments and with explosion protection

Intrinsically safe variant, certified to ATEX for Zone 1 and 21 for use in potentially explosive areas


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Positioner CMSX

Positioner CMSX

High process reliability thanks to analogue and digital feedback signals

Now also for single-acting actuators as well as double-acting and linear actuators


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Solenoid valve VSNC

Solenoid valve VSNC

Always the right choice: globally certified in accordance with the current Ex standards

Larger range of application – thanks in part to the extended temperature range of -20 °C to +60°C


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Solenoid valve VOFD

Solenoid valves VOFC and VOFD

Sturdy pilot valves for outdoor installation and in potentially explosive areas

New variants: stainless steel with manual override, additional solenoids, for low temperatures and connections of up to 1/2"

Solenoid valves VOFC and VOFD in the catalogue

Linear actuator DFPI-NB3

Linear actuator with integrated displacement encoder DFPI-NB3

Easy to install – robust and reliable operation

New diameter: 250 and 320


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Pinch valve VZQA

Pinch valve VZQA

Negligible flow resistance and no blockages for smoothly flowing media

Controls granulates, liquids containing solid particles and highly viscous and abrasive media


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