Examples for servopneumatics – applications

Areas of application

The full potential of servopneumatics comes to the fore in fields like these:

  • Flexible and controlled pressing of workpieces with a defined force, e.g. in the automotive industry 
  • Repositioning goods from a conveyor belt to a packaging unit in packaging technology 
  • Pushing and sorting functions in conveying technology 
  • volume filler systems in dosing technology
  • Positioning of testing equipment in test engineering


Example: reliable feeding of wooden planks into a high-speed saw

Wooden planks of different thicknesses are sawn into slats of different widths using high-speed saws.

During the sawing process, each plank is pressed down by three rollers and moves at 3 m/s.
The contact pressure can be adjusted according to the type of wood.

Once the plank has gone through the machine, the rollers must return to their initial position without coming into contact with the conveyor.

The data for the plank being fed into the machine is transmitted to the system by the fieldbus.


The solution

A proportional directional control valve VPWP-6 on each standard cylinder DNCI-100-100 controls the movement of the contact rollers. The core of the control unit is made up of a CPX terminal with a local CPX-FEC, a Profibus interface, three CMAX modules and an I/O module.

New for CMAX: the combinable record switch unit. This ensures reliable switching through different operating statuses. The unit switches between position control and force control on an event-controlled basis.

The CPX-FEC controls the CMAX modules via I/O and fieldbus.


The benefits

  • The stand-alone solution independently controls the pressing process
  • Fast and flexible
  • A system for position and force control, freely programmable
  • Safety functions integrated into the system: emergency off and "Board fed in" signal for locking the system
  • Clear error diagnostics