Thin film-based solar module production

Safely actuate gas valves in coating processes

Valve terminal VTOC

Valve terminal VTOC

  • Special valve terminal for use as a pilot valve
  • 2-channel control of media valves via all conventional bus systems avoids maloperations
  • Built-in fibre-optic cable system for maximum process reliability


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Like floating on air: contactless and gentle transport of workpieces

Air bearing ATBT

Air bearing ATBT

  • Uniform load bearing capacity over the entire air cushion plate for increased process reliability
  • Non-contacting transport on wafer-thin air cushions with minimal air consumption
  • Individual components or as a rail, available in customised lengths


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Fast and safe transport of glass plates in high vacuum

Sliding Fork

Sliding fork telescopic handling system

  • Stable even at weights over 10 kg
  • Suitable for high temperatures = low-cost alternative to clean room robots 
  • Special glass supports prevent marks on the glass plates. 
  • Installation space = workpiece size 
  • Jerk-free and precise movements up to 2,100 mm with electric spindle drive 

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Fast and safe conveyance of wafers and solar cells

H-gantry EXCM

H-gantry with Bernoulli gripper OGGB

The high-speed H-gantry EXCM is fast, precise and compact.

The sensitive wafers are gently transported in combination with the Bernoulli gripper OGGB for low-contact gripping.


This process is extremely safe and is economic in its compressed air consumption.


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Optionally with commissioning service

Bernoulli gripper OGGB in the catalogue


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