Flexible production

Larger numbers of variants in automotive manufacturing on a single production line

The lifecycles of vehicles are becoming shorter and the automotive manufacturers are introducing more and more models each year. But it’s still a challenge to manufacture different vehicle types on a single production line, because the tooling and fixtures are always designed for a single vehicle type.

If the production line is designed flexibly, tooling changeovers can be avoided. Time is thus saved and cycle times remain unaffected.

Benefit from our services, system solutions and products which will allow you to grip components (e.g. side doors) for different vehicle types without complicated tool changeovers

Festo supports you with the following services:

  • Components layout
  • Engineering support
  • On-site consulting           


Beyond this, Festo offers matching subsystems for your application:

  • Complete handling systems
  • Gripping systems
  • Complete solutions


Find matching products for flexible gripping systems:

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