Robust valves VS

Solenoid valve from the robust range VUVS-S

Robust solenoid valve

Can be combined within the entire VS range

The valve and valve terminals with their robust design combines features required for operation in harsh environments such as impact resistance, mounting options and ease of handling.


Different accessories, numerous mounting options and simple operation mean that these robust valves and valve terminals can be used in almost 80% of all applications in harsh environments.


The new solenoid valve in the robust range: VUVS-...-S with focused features

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All features of the robust valve

  • Cost effective
  • Simple product range structure
  • Easy to assemble and service thanks to the external pilot air supply via manifold rail
  • Easy to assemble: available as ready-to-install individual valves with silencers, fittings and coils, or as pre-assembled units on a manifold rail VTUS
  • Orientation of cable outlet can be adjusted easily using the rotatable coil, thus allowing the unit to fit in tight installation spaces
  • Ideal for use in vacuum and the low-pressure range

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