Controller CPX-CEC-C1/S1/M1-V3 with CODESYS and OPC-UA


Industry 4.0: the full CODESYS functionality of version V3 with OPC UA combined for the first time in a valve terminal in IP65 and with remote I/O and optional cloud connection

Allows you to use a comprehensive range of motion control functions in pneumatic and electric systems on site, e.g. with the new, integrated 3D-CNC editor to DIN 66025 (G-code) and integration into Industry 4.0 HOST environments

Combined with the valve terminals MPA and VTSA or the Festo Motion Terminal VTEM, it now gives you a standardised interface for decentralised intelligence: using the standardised programming language to IEC 61131-3, an Ethernet interface and function libraries.

  • Control system for small machines or complex sub-systems
  • One platform for electric and pneumatic systems
  • One platform for fluid and motion control, incl. function library for electric drives
  • Suitable for integration into all Ethernet and fieldbus environments
  • Straightforward configuration of the entire system using CODESYS
  • A complete system with a high level of modularity and versatility in IP65 for simple adjustment
  • Optional: connection to the Festo Cloud via the CPX-IOT gateway
Cloud graphic
Function extension with CODESYS V3 Range of services
"CODESYS provided by Festo"
based on CODESYS V3
  • Festo splash screens
  • Festo-specific online help
  • Festo library
CODESYS motion control functions
  • Motion is an integral part of the PLC environment
  • PLCopen parts 1 and 2
  • Function blocks for one axis
  • Function blocks for multiple axes
    (GearIn, phasing, CamIn)
  • CAM editor and functions
  • CNC editor and functions
  • Redesigned, detailed online help system for all functions
Integrated 3D CNC editor to DIN 66025 (G-code)
  • Graphic and text input of 3D G-code
  • Path design in table form
  • DXF import
Expanded motion control solution with CPX-CEC-M1-V3
  • PLCopen parts 1 + 2 , plus CNC functionality, security
  • Additional function elements or libraries can be created for special application tasks, e.g. Festo Gantry Library: a powerful solution with simple, convenient motion programming.
  • Motion control, e.g. 3D interpolation, is an integral part of the PLC environment, and a cost-optimised, economical solution
  • Motion control can be combined with the entire IO spectrum and + CPX pneumatics. Convenient combinations
  • Convenient editor for entering 3D data: convenient motion task programming.