More time to focus on your core business

Ready-to-install system solutions from Festo take over time-intensive standard and routine tasks from you and thus increase your productivity and profit.

According to a study conducted by the German Engineering Federation (VDMA), machine builders who focus on standardised components or solutions can boost their profits by up to 1.5%.


The greatest potential for savings is in the following areas:

  • Development of mechanical, pneumatic and electrical movements
  • Project planning of handling solutions and pick-and-place systems
  • Software programming


Boost your productivity in these areas and free up time again for your core business by choosing ready-to-install solutions from Festo:

Servo press kit YJKP

Servo press kit YJKP

Pre-assembled system kit consisting of:

  • Software
  • Controller
  • Hardware

Modular and preinstalled operating software

Find out more about the

Servo press kit

Standardised control cabinet YCCF (SST)

Ready-to-install control cabinet for fast commissioning with no prior knowledge of programming or electrical connection technology


More about the standardised control cabinet YCCF (SST)

Small-scale handling system YXMx

Small-scale handling system

One basic platform for a wide variety of desktop applications

System kit comprising

  • Software
  • Steuerung
  • Kinematik

More about the small-scale handling system YXMx

Standard handling systems

Standard handling systems

Ready-to-install handling systems significantly shorten your processes, from project engineering to commissioning.


More about ready-to-install standard handling systems

Create your own story with ready-to-install system solutions

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This is how ready-to-install system solutions look in practice:

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