Mass flow controller:
Proportional flow control valve VEMD

Precise, energy-efficient and with dynamic response: flow controllers with piezo technology

Do you need a mass flow controller with outstanding value for money for your project? The proportional flow control valve VEMD is a closed-loop, thermal mass flow controller that supplies inert gases and oxygen with flow rates from 0 to 20 ln/min precisely and with industry-leading energy efficiency and dynamic response. The valve VEMD uses piezo ceramics for flow control, which are much more dynamic and energy efficient than conventional solenoid valves.


Ideal for mobile applications in analysis technology and automated process control

Since the trend is moving towards smaller production batches and portable medical products, Festo has developed an extremely quiet and energy-efficient mass flow controller (MFC) specifically for mobile applications such as portable oxygen system devices. The combination of small dimensions, low power consumption and low costs makes it the best choice for many applications in analysis technology, automated process control and portable medical devices.

Mass flow controller VEMD

Product highlights

  • Best in class: price
  • Best in class: dynamic response
  • Best in class: energy efficiency
  • Completely silent
  • No heat generation
  • Minimal weight
  • Linear control response
  • Sturdy and durable

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