Stainless steel cylinder CRDSNU

More time for the essentials

"I don't have time for that!"
Does this sound familiar? Time just passes so quickly, and then along comes yet another laborious task...

Our automation components save you valuable time because they actually work. Time that you can certainly put to good use.

Take the clean design round cylinder CRDSNU made from stainless steel, for example:

  • Efficient cleaning – fast, easy and thorough
  • Easy to install – no cushioning adjustment required
  • Sturdy and durable – extremely resistant materials, even in harsh ambient conditions

See the great advantages that our double-acting cylinder has to offer.

High operational reliability for high system availability

The round cylinder CRDSNU is corrosion-resistant and withstands even aggressive cleaning media.


And including NSF-H1.

Should the worst happen, the pneumatic cylinder is equipped with FDA-compliant lubricating grease.


Seal variants for a wide variety of applications

For example, the dry-running seal from the modular system. Continues to function even if the lubricating grease on the piston rod has been washed away due to intensive cleaning.


Always correctly cushioned

Thanks to the self-adjusting pneumatic end-position cushioning system PPS, the cylinder is always correctly set – and has no adjusting screw where dirt can accumulate.


Perfectly complemented by the accessories

Our mounting attachments, connectors as well as suitable tube fitting combinations are the ideal match for the cylinder.


Time-saving and thorough cleaning

With the sturdy, stainless steel cylinder CRDSNU you are on the safe side – thanks to its high resistance and clean design.


Stainless steel cylinder CRDSNU

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