Dashboards – Condition
Monitoring in the cloud

More time for the essentials! In the future, you will be able to plan even more precisely. Festo Dashboards and our CPX-IOT gateway allow you to detect irregularities early on and take the right measures before a failure occurs. The turnkey, preconfigured dashboards from Festo do not need any additional programming or software installation. The data is available worldwide and improves operating transparency for production managers and operators.

With Dashboards, Festo offers the out-of-the-box solution for visualising the status of components in the cloud. You have access “no matter where, no matter when”.

Dashboards are preconfigured views of a component that present the values transferred to the cloud in a visually appealing and clear way. This involves static device information such as the Product Key, as well as dynamic information such as live data, historical data and much more. Dashboards are the operational side of the digital twin – learn more now.


Festo Dashboards for the
world-famous CPX -MPA

The cloud solution from Festo supports you as a customer throughout the entire life cycle of your system – now also with a dashboard for the CPX-MPA.

For you at a glance: asset data, data for preventive maintenance, diagnostic functions, error displays in plain text, simplified process data analysis and troubleshooting.


IoT gateway CPX-IOT hardware for unlimited communication

The Internet of Things Gateway in the CPX module format gathers information about Festo devices and their statuses via Ethernet and a standardised communication protocol. It then sends this information to the cloud via the second Ethernet port.

State-of-the-art IT security mechanisms keep the data completely secure.


Savings at the touch of a button with Festo Dashboards and the energy efficiency module MSE6-E2M

Saving energy is easier than ever before thanks to the MSE6-E2M, which automates energy saving in compressed air systems. The intelligent module fully automatically monitors and regulates the compressed air supply in new and existing systems.

And the accompanying dashboard allows you to view and track the gathered data from anywhere.