Food safety and hygiene

Food production is a matter of trust and food safety is essential to a brand. Whatever ends up on the table must be produced cleanly. That requires a smart system design and food-safe components that support the production process – simply, efficiently and reliably. Festo offers the right automation solutions as well as industry expertise for the production of safe food.

Important information about food safety

The two aims of hygienic and efficient automation in food production are to protect the consumer and safeguard the manufacturer's brand. These are the most important aspects of food safety in our view.

Clean Design Componets

Machine design without edges or corners

In food production, the standards and directives for design and materials must be implemented. The hygienic design of machines and components is crucial.
When designing our automation components for your systems, we therefore pay very close attention to factors that promote hygiene, such as smooth surfaces and large radii.

Find out more in our white paper on food safety (PDF)

Valve terminal MPA-C

Thorough and fast cleaning

Cleaning is an absolute must for hygienic food production. Preventing germs for forming and stopping foreign matter from getting in is the top priority. The right cleaning concept doesn't just protect consumers though, but it also reduces system downtime.

Go to the white paper on cleaning (PDF)

Particles with Waiter and Oil

Food quality and compressed air quality

Great care has to be taken whenever compressed air comes into contact with food because compressed air is not clean by nature. Application-specific compressed air treatment ensures maximum safety for food, consumers and producers.

More information can be found in the white paper on compressed air quality (PDF)

Suitable products for maximum food safety and hygiene


Pinch valve VZQA

For extremely demanding food dosing requirements. Declaration of conformity in accordance with Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004 available for a normally open design with silicone diaphragm.

More about the VZQA


Tubing PFAN

For optimal, trouble-free operation of your systems at all times, even with intensive cleaning and aggressive environmental influences. We can provide a declaration of conformity in accordance with Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004 for use in the food industry.

More about the PFAN


Service unit combination MSB6

For the most demanding compressed air quality requirements. Optionally with energy efficiency module MSE6-E2M: automatically monitors and regulates the compressed air supply.

More about the MSB6


Round cylinder CRDSNU

With NSF-H1 grease. Extremely reliable and durable thanks to the dry-running seal. And always correctly adjusted thanks to the self-adjusting end-position cushioning system PPS.

More about the CRDSNU

Valve terminal MPAC

Valve terminal MPA-C

Easy to clean and corrosion resistant. IP69K for direct use in challenging environments. FDA-compliant materials and NSF-H1 grease included.

More about the MPA-C