Electric automation




Electric cylinder EPCS

Extremely cost-effective, yet powerful and very flexible.

Its compact dimensions are ideal if you need to make the best use of the installation space.


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Rotary gripper module EHMD

Electrical rotating, hybrid gripping? The choice is yours!

Ideal for small objects in laboratory automation or in the electronics industry. The assembly module with Z compensation automatically adjusts to the thread pitch of the caps without moving the Z-axis.


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Rotary drive ERMS

Rotary drive ERMS

The ERMS makes it easy to swivel and position parts and workpieces

The sturdy bearing of the rotary table is impressive, particularly when higher forces and torques have to be absorbed.


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Toothed belt axis ELGE

Toothed belt axis ELGE

Very economical solution for simple tasks with low requirements.

The toothed belt axis with recirculating ball bearing guide offers very good running performance at medium torque load.


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Mini slide EGSS

Mini slide EGSS

Low price, high power: whenever you need precise Z movements

The powerful mini slide has a smooth-running spindle and is a complete solution for vertical Z movements or guided linear individual movements.


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Spindle and toothed belt axes ELGS-BS/-TB

Spindle and toothed belt axes ELGS-BS/-TB

An extremely compact and cost-effective complete solution

The spindle and toothed belt axes ELGS-BS/-TB with internal, protected recirculating ball bearing guide are ideal for precise XY movements.


Spindle and toothed belt axes ELGS in the catalogue

Electric actuator EPCC

Electric actuator EPCC

Cost-effective, powerful and very flexible: the EPCC for simple positioning tasks.

The ball screw drive enables the electric cylinder in 4 sizes to perform precise and rapid positioning movements of up to 500 mm.


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Servo drive CMMT-AS

Servo drive CMMT-AS

The latest generation of servo drive systems with optimised prices and sizes

The compact servo drive for point-to-point and interpolating motion is suitable for different Ethernet-based bus systems.

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Servo drive CMMT-ST

Servo drive CMMT-ST

High efficiency in tasks with low power requirements

Commissioning the CMMT-ST takes just a few minutes with the Festo Automation Suite.


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Servo motor EMMT-AS and EMMB-AS

Servo motors EMMT-AS and EMMB-AS

Servo motor EMMT-AS for demanding and dynamic applications

The compact and particularly economical synchronous servo motor EMMB-AS for simple positioning tasks.

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Electric standard gripper EHPS

Electric standard gripper EHPS

Powerful for simple tasks!

The EHPS is ideal for use in monoenergetic, electric systems.


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