Valves and valve terminals




Proportional pressure regulator VPPI

Silent and dynamic regulation

The new proportional pressure regulator VPPI is directly actuated in all nominal widths, without preliminary stages or pilot valves. The reason for the dynamic response is the powerful, low-friction moving coil actuator. Thanks to the pressure compensation, even the larger nominal widths provide dynamic and precise regulation.


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Proportional valve VEAE

Suitable for oxygen – small and quiet with high flow rate!

The VEAE regulates gas flows, whether oxygen, air, nitrogen or inert gases, safely and precisely. Since the piezo ceramics also maintain their actual status in case of power failure, the valves offer outstanding process reliability.


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Media separated solenoid valve VYKA

Maximum performance and precision – in the smallest of spaces!

With a width of just 7 mm, the VYKA doses very small amounts of liquid very precisely. Thanks to the use of a separating diaphragm made of high-performance polymers, it is also suitable for aggressive media.


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Valve control module VAEM

Controlling solenoid valves easily, precisely and quickly with holding current reduction.

With the VAEM, the pick-up and holding currents as well as the respective time constants can be defined independently for each channel. Since the VAEM is current controlled, the switching behaviour of the valves is extremely precise.


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Proportional pressure regulator VEAB

The technical features of the piezo valve, especially its precision and its quiet, low-energy operation, are unrivalled

For pressure ranges up to 6 bar: piezo technology makes the VEAB extremely precise and gives it a very long service life. Additional benefits are extremely short switching times, quiet operation and very low energy consumption.


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Standards-based valve terminal VTSA

Ideal for maximum pneumatic and electrical function integration!

Valve terminals have always benefitted from function integration and the new modules, such as the new soft-start valve or the integrated vacuum generator, are no exception.


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Manually and mechanically actuated valves VHEF/VMEF

Manually and mechanically actuated valves VHEF/VMEF

VHEF and VMEF – the little powerhouses that can boost your productivity!

The valves VHEF and VMEF can be used in all industry segments, whether as a hand lever valve, roller lever valve, finger lever valve or stem actuated valve.


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Proportional valve VPWS

Proportional valve VPWS

Lightweight, compact, high flow rate!

The 15 mm cartridge valve regulates gas flows safely and precisely, whether oxygen, carbon dioxide, air, nitrous oxide or inert gases.


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