Air preparation and connection technology




Pressure regulator VRPA

Attractive, compact, powerful: our classic regulator in a new guise!

The compact pressure regulator VRPA makes it quite easy to reduce pressure. The VRPA can be installed as an inline version directly between two pieces of tubing, or directly on the valve terminal. The versatile pressure regulator can be used, for example, to save energy in applications that do not require the full system pressure.


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regulator and filter regulator MS2

Regulator and filter regulator MS2

Very compact and extremely light, but with high flow rates of up to 350 l/min

The regulators and filter regulators MS2 can be installed directly in the machine for use close to the process and for end-of-arm applications.


Regulator and filter regulator MS2 in the catalogue

Stainless steel fittings NPQR

Stainless steel fittings NPQR

Tailor-made for extreme conditions: the fitting for the food processing industry

You can use this stainless steel fitting safely and without hesitation in the food contact zone.


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Regulating, switching, measuring: complete control of the compressed air supply!

All functions can be controlled digitally via PROFINET.


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Saving energy is easier than ever before: MSE6-D2M automates saving energy

The module can be connected to the MSE6-C2M as an extension for a second string or to a CPX terminal.


MSE6-D2M in the catalogue