Automation for PCB assembly

While you are able to meet stringent quality requirements in the micron range, having a bit more time would be useful. But that is now possible too. Festo offers cost-effective pick & place systems and instantly available automation solutions for the PCB assembly process chain, from the line loader to in-circuit testing, whether for THT or SMT.

Electronics manufacturing

Festo as your automation partner

Festo has established itself as a reliable partner in all areas of electronics manufacturing. Our efficient pick & place automation has supported PCB manufacturing right from the very beginning and throughout technological changes and miniaturisation.

We offer axes, ISO cylinders, fast-switching valves and vacuum generators to this end, as well as other standard components, complete electric drive trains and everything from ready-to-install handling systems to high-performance vision systems and smart Industry 4.0 solutions.

The compact planar surface gantry EXCM at Visatronic GmbH

Compact planar surface gantry

Project: Small batch sizes and prototypes make the economical testing of printed circuit boards a real challenge. We therefore developed a cost-effective flying probe tester specially for this task.

Solution: At Visatronic, the mini planar surface gantry EXCM quickly and accurately guides the test needle to the test position, while the electric slide EGSK then lowers it onto the workpiece being tested with a set force and travel.


  • No expensive test adapters required
  • Very compact design
  • Positioning accuracy 0.1 mm
  • Repetition accuracy +/- 0.05 mm
  • Acceleration up to 10 m/s2

Suitable products for PCB assembly


Spindle and toothed belt axes ELGC

The cost-effective axis series ELGC allows you to keep dimensions very compact and make the most of the installation space in small parts handling, desktop applications and many others.

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Motor controller CMMO-ST

The stepper motor controller of the Optimised Motion Series is cost-optimised and has a full closed-loop function. Commissioning is convenient, simple and fast thanks to an integrated web browser.

More about the CMMO-ST

Vacuum generator OVEL

Vacuum generator OVEL

The small and lightweight OVEL is perfect for extremely dynamic, decentralised handling applications in the electronics industry. Commissioning and parameterisation is also easy thanks to IO-Link®.

More about the OVEL

Compact handling system

Compact handling system YXMx

Modular, compact and ready to install, our ready-to-use system kit includes software, controller and kinematics and makes optimum use of space. It provides a flexible basic platform for a wide range of desktop applications, including soldering, gripping or testing.

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More products for PCB assembly

The benefits of Festo for you

Festo core product range

The core product range for (almost) all tasks

Our core product range covers nearly 80% of all automation tasks. It includes more than 2,200 products that are kept in stock around the world. Products are generally ready for dispatch within 24 hours.

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Electric automation

Electric automation

Whether electric, pneumatic or an intelligent combination of both, Festo offers technology-neutral solutions that do not impose any technical restrictions, from motion control to electromechanical components.

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Handling Guide Online

Handling Guide Online – designing handling systems

Configure the right handling system, from a single-axis solution to a 3D gantry, quickly and easily with the Handling Guide Online. Just enter the axis definition, payload, etc. and in just 20 minutes you will have a perfect, ready-to-order system. We supply it together with CAD data and commissioning files, either ready to install or partially assembled.

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Satisfied customers thanks to automation from Festo

High-precision dispensing of cast resin

High-precision dispensing of cast resin

bdtronic GmbH specialises in high-precision dispensing systems that can apply casting resins in complex patterns in the smallest of spaces. Also included is the small handling system YXMx from Festo.

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A new machine concept for selective soldering

A new machine concept for selective soldering

The production of sensors for the automotive industry requires increasingly sophisticated solutions. A new machine concept developed by IPTE Factory Automation enables fast and reliable soldering of printed circuit boards in the plastic housing. The ready-to-install handling system from Festo achieves cycle times of under 3 seconds, despite a moving mass of over 60 kg.

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