Automation in the semiconductor industry

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In just 18 months, the system you are building today will have to produce chips that are twice as complex as the ones you are making now – and sold at the same price. This can only be done with automated solutions that are reliable and economical. We are well aware of how important total system availability is for manufacturers of semiconductors and electronic components. Which products and services do you need? We're there for you – worldwide.

Your challenge: reliably regulating the coolant in semiconductor manufacturing

Application: controlling and regulating cooling circuits using solutions from Festo

The solution from Festo:

• Valve terminals VTUG and VTOC (1) for reliably controlling pneumatic media valves

• Valve terminal type CPX-MPA if additional I/Os are required, for example to control electric valves, integrate sensors or create closed-loop control circuits. Diagnostics and remote maintenance functions can also be implemented.

•Pneumatically or electrically actuated valves type VZXA, VZQA and VZWF (3) control the media flow. Very cold and/or hot media are reliably and accurately regulated, even in closed-loop control circuits.

• Quarter turn actuator DFPD (4) actuates ball valves VZBF (5) and flap valves that are typically used in main lines or feed/discharge lines for cooling or temperature control media due to their high flow rate performance.

• Sensors type SFAW (2) and SPAW (6) measure the flow rate as well as the temperature and pressure of the medium very accurately.

Highlight products for the semiconductor industry

Festo has a broad ranging product portfolio for machines for the production of electronic components: valve terminal VTOC with integrated safety function or our proportional pressure regulators VEAA/VEAB for piloting media valves as they are typically used for controlling and regulating process gases.

Valve terminal VTOC

Valve terminal VTOC

The compact pilot valve terminal for a wide range of pneumatic applications. With an interlock option for more safety. Control via multi-pin or fieldbus. VTOC is also suitable for IO-Link®.

More about the VTOC

Angle seat valve VZXA

Angle seat valve VZXA

Extremely high flow rates, an easy-to-clean design and a modular structure. Valve bodies and drives can be freely combined so you can have more flexibility in the application.

More about the VZXA

Proportional pressure regulator VEAA

Proportional pressure regulator VEAA

For pressure areas up to 10 bar: piezo technology makes the VEAA extremely precise and gives it a very long service life. Additional benefits are extremely short switching times, quiet operation and very low power consumption.

More about the VEAA

Other products for the semiconductor industry

ISO classified products for cleanrooms

A man in the cleanroom

Every cleanroom product from Festo has precise information about the cleanroom classes to ISO 14644-1 in which they can be used. The most important information on this topic can be found here.

Information on cleanrooms

Reduce costs and save time with ready-to-install solutions from Festo

Ready-to-install solutions from Festo

Our project engineers design ready-to-install solutions that are individually configured for your application. You receive system solutions that can be installed straightaway in your machines.

Information on ready-to-install solutions

A complete solution with optimal use of space

Specially developed cast resins keep electronic components protected from dirt and moisture. Applying this material efficiently requires highly developed engineering skills, as it involves complex curved paths in the tightest of spaces. Not only that, but the production batches in the electronics industry are typically very small. This means the machines have to be reconfigured quickly, easily, and economically.

The world's leading provider of these kinds of micro dispenser systems is bdtronic GmbH in Weikersheim in southwest Germany. As the company values high flexibility and optimum use of space as well as absolute precision and process reliability, it selected a complete solution from Festo for its mini-dis product, with the compact industrial robot YXMx at its core.

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