Special machine building and assembly technology

Valve Assembly Line Control System

For innovation cycles of less than a year, you often don't even have six months to set up a new production line. Things have to move quickly. Nowadays you can protect your margins in small parts assembly and electronics production with modularisation and standardisation as well as flexible, cost-effective automation solutions. That is precisely what Festo can do for you.

Ready for action faster with standard products

Family-owned British company Harwin Plc specialises in high-performance plug connectors. The demands in this market are increasing just as quickly as miniaturisation is advancing. In the meantime, connectors have reached a pin pitch of just 1.25 mm, yet have to withstand countless mating operations, sometimes under extreme conditions. Harwin produces them in a great many variants.

The new production line for the Gecko series therefore needed to be flexible and offer the highest levels of reliability, precision, repetition accuracy and cost efficiency. The solution was a modular, scalable automation concept from Festo. The advantages include faster production lines that are quickly ready to use, simplified commissioning and easy maintenance.

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Advantages of standardisation and modularisation

The maths are simple: money saved during development, engineering and software programming will be reflected positively on your balance sheet. Furthermore, your procurement department benefits from economies of scale. And you can offer your solutions more quickly and flexibly.

Torsten Schulz, Head of Global Key Account Management, Electronics and Assembly industry segment, shows where the biggest potential savings can be made with a sample calculation:

Suitable products for special machine building and assembly technology

Solenoid valve VUVG, plug-in

Solenoid valve VUVG, plug-in

This universal valve has been newly designed on the inside and now offers an outstanding combination of high flow rates and a compact design. The entire VUVG range, as an individual valve or a valve terminal, is designed to cater precisely for all your requirements.

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Mini slide DGST

Mini slide DGST

The most compact slide drive on the market. Integrated shock absorber and sensor holders, integrated basic cushioning. And best of all: the slide and yoke are a single component, offering unrivalled torsional rigidity and precision.

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Spindle and toothed belt axes ELGC

Spindle and toothed belt axes ELGC

The cost-effective axis series ELGC allows you to keep dimensions very compact and make the most of the installation space, for example in small parts handling or desktop applications.

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Servo press kit YJKP

Servo press kit YJKP

For electrical press-fitting applications up to 17 kN you can simply use matching standard components that can be quickly and cost effectively configured via software, and with system control in real time.

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Additional products for special machine building and assembly technology

The benefits of Festo for you

The Festo core product range

The core product range for (almost) all tasks

Our core product range covers nearly 80% of all automation tasks. It includes more than 2,200 products that are kept in stock around the world. Products are generally ready for dispatch within 24 hours.

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Electric positioning system OMS

Electric positioning system OMS

Our Optimised Motion Series allows you to automate simple positioning tasks cost effectively and to configure mechanical components, controller and software quickly and easily, all in a single package.

Optimised Motion Series

Testing touchscreens and mechanical pushbuttons

Mini H-gantry EXCM

Test platform for mobile devices with the mini H-gantry EXCM

The test device Chameleon from PKC Electronics uses various adapters to test mobile end devices – automatically, quickly and reliably. It includes our planar surface gantry EXCM, a compact handling system.

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Other references and applications from the electronics industry

Automating electronics manufacturing processes

Festo electronics manufacturing

Festo technologies open up an enormous potential for companies that wish to replace manual process steps with automatic ones in the production of electronic devices. Machine builders, too, benefit from our extensive automation expertise.

Using smartphone assembly as an example, we will show what opportunities and advantages are on offer here.

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