In vitro diagnostics

In vitro diagnostics

Automation of point-of-care devices

There is growing demand for mobile analytical devices for fast and reliable tests that enable patient samples to be analysed directly at the medical practice; this in turn increases the demand for new lab-on-a-chip solutions. To enable you to transfer your new process sequences (assays) into market-ready lab-on-a-chip systems as quickly, easily and cost-effectively as possible, we support you using collaborative engineering and a modular system with catalogue components that comply with the industry standard.

Customised, ready-to-install solutions for point-of-care devices

We work with you to develop a new lab-on-a-chip system using an established modular system of tried-and-tested components. Based on the requirements of the assay, we quickly create samples for the subsequent automation process. What is unique is that even in this early development phase we use components that will also be used in your final product.

IVD: Device with MPA1


One part number for 250 components

The benefits of collaborative engineering

  • Reliable thanks to jointly developed and tested solutions
  • Less planning required
  • Your own prompt sample setups
  • Less time to move from prototype to series production
  • Faster market launch
IVD: Valve block


This is how the module could be integrated into your device.

The benefits of ready-to-install subsystems

  • Customised design
  • Compact and space-saving
  • Clear interfaces for easy integration
  • Documentation included
  • A single part number
  • Fast and reliable delivery in large quantities and in line with industry standards
IVD: Solenoid valve with compact cylinder


Basic element consisting of round cylinder EG with solenoid valve VOVK

Miniaturised and integrated components and basic elements

Point-of-care devices require compact, space-saving and reliable components:

  • Miniature cylinders deliver actuator technology in the smallest of spaces.
  • Miniature valves control many closely spaced channels.
  • Miniature sensors monitor the pressure.







The basic elements are small functional units that integrate two or more components and are tailored to criteria such as space requirements or flow rate. The result is a valve block designed specifically for the layout of the microfluidic chip.

IVD: Pressure box PGVA

Compressed air generation in the device

Autonomous: integrated pressure and vacuum generation

Solutions for point-of-care devices require integrated autonomous pressure and vacuum generation. We offer a compact, operationally reliable module that is suitable for integration in IVD devices:


  • Integrated compressor
  • Filtration
  • Reservoirs
  • Pressure sensors

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