Universal electrical connection technology

Straight to the optimum sensor cable or valve cable

The modular cable system offers unlimited possible combinations of plugs, plug sockets as well as different cable lengths and grades, It complements all devices with M8 and M12 plugs such as proximity sensors, position transmitters, pressure switches, pressure sensors, pressure transmitters, flow sensors and optical and inductive sensors, as well as valves with a central connector, such as CPE, MPA or VSVA.

In addition to the connecting cables: individual plugs and sockets in various designs.

Further information:

Connecting cables, universal

Version Type Electrical connection Cable length
Switching status display
With LED
Left Right
Nebu-M5 NEBU-M5 Socket M5x0.5 Open end 5 -
Plug M8x1 1 -
Plug M12x1 1 -
Nebu-M8 NEBU-M8 Socket M8x1 Open end 0,1 ... 25 +
Plug M8x1 +
Plug M12x1 +
NEBU-M12 Socket M12x1 Open end 0,1 ... 25 +
Plug M8x1 +
Plug M12x1 +
  SIM-M8-... Socket M8x1 Open end 0,5 ... 10 -
  KM8-... Socket M8x1 Plug M8x1 -
  SIM-M12-... Socket M12x1 Open end -
  KM12-... Socket M12x1 Plug M12x1 -