Proportional technology

A line of proportional pressure regulators and proportional directional control valves for the maximum number of individual solutions and functions for path and force control.


Proportional pressure regulators, e.g. for controlling pressure when testing, dosing, pressing, press fitting, and positioning

Proportional pressure regulator VPPX

VPPX for complex controlled systems and high accuracy

  • Higher process reliability through actual value input for external sensors
  • Programmable, freely adjustable PID controller
  • FCT software plug-in for simple controller configuration

Short production information VPPX

Proportional pressure regulator VPPX in the catalogue

Configuration and commissioning software for VPPX

Proportional pressure regulator VPPM

The multitalented VPPM

  • A modular system as the basis for top variance: from basic performance to high-tech device
  • Also available in a terminal version on the valve terminal MPA: lower costs thanks to  function integration and  multiplexing
  • Three default controller presets for fast commissioning
  • Multi-sensor control and cascade control for stable control behaviour and top precision

Proportional pressure regulator VPPM in the catalogue

Proportional pressure regulator VPPM with IO-Link

Proportional pressure regulator VPPE

VPPE for simple control tasks

  • Attractive entry price
  • Sturdy design and high electromagnetic compatibility
  • Fast commissioning thanks to Festo plug and work
  • LCD or other display

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Proportional pressure regulator VPPE in the catalogue

Proportional pressure regulator MPPES

MPPES for pressure and vacuum tasks

  • Applications with continuously varying reference values
  • Vacuum variant available as special solution
  • Pilot actuated piston regulator
  • Venting in case of power failure

Proportional pressure regulator MPPES in catalogue

Proportional pressure regulator VPPL

VPPL for high-pressure tasks

  • Pressures from 10 to 40 bar
  • With flow booster PREL for up to 6,000 m³/h
  • "Safe exhaust" function available with PREL-186-...-40CFX2
  • Three default controller presets for fast commissioning

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Proportional pressure regulator VPPL in catalogue

Proportional directional control valve for controlling direction and speed

Proportional directional control valve VPWP

VPWP for position and force control

  • Fully digital, with integrated pressure sensors and cascade control
  • Diagnostic capability
  • For servopneumatic applications with axis controller CPC-CMAX and end-position controller CPX-CMPX


Proportional directional control valve VPWP in the catalogue

More on servopneumatic systems


Proportional directional control valve MPYE

MPYE for tasks that require a long service life

  • For highly dynamic closed-loop control
  • High repetition accuracy
  • 400 million switching cycles possible
  • Piston spool valve

Proportional directional control valve MPYE in the catalogue


Digitised pneumatics!

Festo Motion Terminal

Festo Motion Terminal

Use apps to adjust the range of functions: Two proportional pressure regulators or proportional flow control in one valve - an economical and compact solution.

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