Swivel Module DSM/DSM-B

Swivel module DSM-B: size 63

Sturdy and cost-effective swivel module for freely adjustable angles up to 270°

The benefits to you:

  • Powerful: new chamber seal and new swivelling vane for outstanding synchronism from 1.5 to 10 bar
  • Cushioning with fixed stop for greater repetition accuracy and high mass moment of inertia
  • Cushioning option: flexible or hydraulic cushioning
  • Easy to service: precision-adjustable swivel angle, compatible with DSM-A series
  • Reliable: secure mounting with toothed cushioning mount
  • Economical: compact, low-cost sensing


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Swivel modules DSM in the catalogue


DSM-T: Swivel module with tandem rotary vanes

Torques of up to 80 Nm


DSM-...-HD: Swivel module with rotary vane

Backlash-free, preloaded bearing elements:

  • High load torques

  • Very precise bearing with high running accuracy

Technical data for DSM-12...63-B
Swivel angle [°] 246 (CC)
270 (P)
Torque [Nm] at 6 bar 1,25 ... 40
Max. swivel time 270° [s] Up to 3
Cushioning Flexible cushioning P
Hydraulic shock absorbers CC
Operating pressure [bar] 1,5 ... 10
Repetition accuracy 1° (P)
0.1° (CC)
Sensing Proximity switch SMx