Assembly and electronics

Feeding components to the tool holder

Your objective: positioning and feeding in components quickly and reliably

Our solution: pneumatic and electric handling systems for repositioning the components and camera systems for quality monitoring

    Valve terminal MPA-L

Highly modular valve terminal MPA-L

  • Highly modular in single steps
  • Various control modules, such as I/O, PLC or position controller, can be attached as needed
  • Low-cost fieldbus connection via CTEU fieldbus node
  • For centralised installation concept

Valve terminal MPA-L in the catalogue

    Heavy-duty axis EGC-HD

Electric heavy-duty axis EGC-HD

  • Guides heavy loads precisely and quickly
  • Perfect for handling processes such as assembly or snap-fitting

Heavy-duty axis EGC-HD in the catalogue

    Rodless drive DGC with guide unit FENG

Rodless drive DGC

  • Long service life and high load carrying capacity with excellent precision
  • Low operating costs, as there is practically no leakage

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    Pneumatic mini slide DGSL

Pneumatic mini slide DGSL

  • Metal stop with elastic cushioning facilitates a repetition accuracy of 0.01 mm.
  • 4-row ball bearing cage guide permits linearity and parallelism in the 1/100 mm range


 Short product information for DGSL

Mini slide DGSL in the catalogue

    The valve terminal CPX/MPA for diagnostics and monitoring in the water industry

Integrated diagnostics and condition monitoring on the valve terminal CPX/MPA

  • Avoiding up to 35% of downtime with intelligent condition monitoring
  • More productivity due to the integrated solution with reduced installation effort


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More about the topic of function integration

    Parallel gripper DHPS

Parallel gripper DHPS with T-slot guide

  • High gripping forces with compact dimensions (6 ... 35 mm)
  • Maximum repetition accuracy and integration option for sensors


 More details on DHPS in the Front Unit brochure

Parallel gripper DHPS in the catalogue

    100% quality inspection, reliable inspection results: intelligent compact vision system SBOx-Q from Festo

Reliable inspection results: intelligent compact camera SBOx-Q

For quality inspection:

  • Orientation inspection of small parts and dimensions of turned parts
  • Up to 256 inspection programs, each with 256 inspection features
  • Storable
  • Optional: OCR (optical character recognition)


For control:

  • As a CANopen master controller thanks to integrated CODESYS PLC and CAN interface
  • Ethernet interface for shared communication up to the management level


 More about the compact vision systems SBOx-Q

Compact vision systems SBOx-Q in the catalogue