Assembly and electronics

Feeding in and adding seals

Your objective: ensuring product quality

Our solution: systems for positioning the workpiece carrier and separating the components and for automatically adding the seals to the components

    Valve terminal MPA-L

Highly modular valve terminal MPA-L

  • Highly modular in single steps
  • Various control modules, such as I/O, PLC or position controller, can be attached as needed
  • Low-cost fieldbus connection via CTEU fieldbus node
  • For centralised installation concept

Valve terminal MPA-L in the catalogue

    Heavy-duty axis EGC-HD

Electric heavy-duty axis EGC-HD

  • Guides heavy loads precisely and quickly
  • Perfect for handling processes such as assembly or snap-fitting

Heavy-duty axis EGC-HD in the catalogue

    Ready-to-install handling systems

Ready-to-install handling systems

Customer-specific handling systems for reliable handling with optimal repositioning times


Handling system overview

    Short-stroke cylinders with linear motor ADNE-LAS

Electric short-stroke cylinder ADNE-LAS with integrated linear motor

  • Minimum positioning times of 30 milliseconds with a repetition accuracy in the 0.5 mm range
  • Strokes from 7.5 mm thanks to teach-in function


 Short product information for ADNE-LAS

Short-stroke cylinder ADNE-LAS in the catalogue

    Pneumatic mini slide DGSL

Pneumatic mini slide DGSL

  • Metal stop with elastic cushioning facilitates a repetition accuracy of 0.01 mm.
  • 4-row ball bearing cage guide permits linearity and parallelism in the 1/100 mm range


 Short product information for DGSL

Mini slide DGSL in the catalogue

Festo rotary drive DRQD

Semi-rotary drive DRQD

  • High torques thanks to twin piston drive
  • Built-in end position cushioning and end position adjustment
  • Versatile combination options in the modular system for handling and assembly technology


Short product information DRQD

DRQD in the catalogue