Electrical positioning systems

Optimised Motion Series – electric automation

Optimised Motion Series: low-cost with optimised performance

A package that makes moving and positioning easier than ever before while being significantly cheaper than conventional electrical solutions.


In the package: motor controller (drive system) with servo motor technology including matching cabling


Everything has a unique type code: easy to configure and to order the right size and combination. As a result, the workload is reduced in your purchasing department and you save time, because the individual parts no longer have to be assembled.


Plus: quick parameterisation and commissioning thanks to web server/browser concept

Electric cylinder EPCO

Electric cylinder EPCO

Electric cylinder with non-rotating piston rod and plain bearing guide. Even more powerful and versatile with optional guide unit.

  • Available in 3 sizes with strokes of up to 400 mm
  • With permanently mounted, optimally tuned motor in all sizes


Electric cylinder EPCO

Toothed belt axis ELGR

Electric toothed belt axis ELGR

For simple and cost-efficient automation tasks

  • Long service life of 5,000 km
  • Three sizes for payloads of up to 6.8 kg


More about the toothed belt axis ELGR

Optimised Motion Series in the system

Optimised Motion Series

Cost-effective multi-axis solutions for simple handling tasks

  • Easy assembly without the need for adapters
  • Easy configuration of individual axes and rotary drive via WebConfig

How easy is it to assemble a complete handling system?

More about Optimised Motion Series

Configuration with WebConfig

Configuration with Web Config

Quick and easy configuration and parameterisation

  • Download parameter set from the parameter cloud
  • Parameterise up to seven freely definable positions directly on the PC



Software Festo Configuration Tool FCT

Festo Configuration Tool FCT

Flexible configuration and parameterisation

Parameterise 31 positioning options and diagnostic functions, online or offline

Festo Configuration Tool FCT

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Optimised Motion Series


Voucher til gratis træning

Gratis voucher

Voucher til gratis OMS træning

Kampagnepris fra DKK 3775,-
Elektrisk cylinder EPCO og motor-controller CMMO-ST inkl. PLC-funktionsblokke

Kampagnepris fra DKK 4285,-
Elektrisk cylinder EPCO med føring og motor-controller CMMO-ST inkl. PLC-funktionsblokke

Kampagnepris fra DKK 3675,-
Elektrisk drejeenhed ERMO og motor-controller CMMO-ST inkl. PLC-funktionsblokke

Kampagnepris fra DKK 11500,-
Komplet elektrisk løsning med lineære akser (YZ), drejeenhed ERMO og motor-controller CMMO-ST inkl. PLC-funktionsblokke

Kampagnepris fra DKK 7975,-
Elektrisk cylinder EPCO med føring og elektrisk drejeenhed samt motor-controller CMMO-ST inkl. PLC-funktionsblokke

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