New valves and valve terminals

Proportional valve VEMP

Proportional valve VEMP

Compact design, minimal weight

The lightweight solution for extremely precise control of gas flows and pressures.


More information on the proportional valve VEMP

Sturdy valve VUVS

Sturdy valve VUVS-...-S

Now also in size 25

Available for quick delivery and at an attractive price: the new sturdy valve.


Sturdy valve VUVS-...-S in the catalogue

Compact valve VUVG

Compact valve VUVG-...-S

From the core product range

Attractive price, available worldwide, delivered quickly: the new valve in the compact range.


Compact valve VUVG-...-S in the catalogue

Valve terminal VTUG

Valve terminal VTUG

Compact, with high flow rates, universal

For small control cabinets, an optimum view of the LED indicator and inscription label as well as convenient access to the manual overrides.


Valve terminal VTUG in the catalogue

Flow control valve VPCF

Flow control valve VPCF


Short response times, high repetition accuracy, compact size, PWIS-free and ATEX 3GD certification.


Flow control valve VPCF in the catalogue

Valve terminal MPA

Valve terminals MPA-C, MPA-L and MPA-S

Advanced functions for better safety and greater performance

Continuously expanded – so MPA can do even more for you


Valve terminal MPA in the catalogue

ISO valve VSVA

ISO valve VSVA with electric timer function

Saves space and lowers costs

Easy to integrate and saves energy: the pneumatic afterblow module


More information on the ISO valve VSVA



Valve terminal VTSA

Valve terminal VTSA/VTSA-F

Unique: mix of 5 valve sizes on one valve terminal

Now with further safety-oriented 5/3-way valves


Valve terminal VTSA in the catalogue

Dispense head VTOE

Dispense head VTOE

Perfection in rapid dispensing thanks to the modular complete solution.

The VTOE simplifies and speeds up the processing of samples.


More information on the dispense head VTOE