Training on the move

Training on the move

Different cultures, a foreign language and new perspectives: former apprentices and students talk about their time abroad. First-hand information.

Training on the move: Julia Novakovic

Julia Novakovic is in the third year of her apprenticeship in industrial management with a secondary qualification in international business management and foreign languages. It's an interesting sounding apprenticeship and at Festo it is indeed a varied one. Only recently for instance, she spent a few weeks in London and Mexico.


Two weeks in London followed by four in Mexico - now that's the way to learn! This was precisely what the young apprentice thought too when the time came for her to embark on her stay abroad. Yet though it sounds like fun, going abroad was part of her apprenticeship so it was purely for professional purposes.


London calling - studying by the Thames

Her first stop was a college in London. The focus here was on English of course but she also learned about topics like marketing, branding and international business affairs. "It was simply much easier to understand and learn in practical situations when in the country itself," explains Ms. Novakovic. At the end of the course she had to give a final presentation, for which the 21-year-old obtained the best result, along with her colleague Madeline Schuler.


Foreign cultures and new friends

Since they both made such a great team, the two of them then decided to travel to Mexico together too. At the language school, not only were they able to improve their Spanish but they became familiar with what had hitherto been an unknown culture. "Each day brought with it a different type of highlight as the lifestyle and mentality of the people is completely different to Germany. And they are all so amazingly friendly," the aspiring industrial manager relates. After the four hours of lessons in the morning, there was still plenty of time left in which to discover the country. This included trips to Maya ruins, cooking Mexican food together and relaxing on the beach.


In telling us about her stay, Ms. Novakovic could barely suppress her enthusiasm. But even now, in the cold light of day, she is very happy about the profession she chose and with her Swabian employer. "Festo has an excellent programme of apprenticeships and further training and offers lots of options for expanding your horizons. And what's more, fellow staff members quickly become friends.“


Impressions for life

Her experience abroad brought with it benefits of both a personal and professional nature. She acquired greater assuredness and self-confidence in dealing with customers and colleagues and is pleased now whenever she gets the chance to speak English or Spanish. "Due to the opportunity to go abroad as part of my apprenticeship at Festo, I lost my shyness." And for this reason alone she would advise any who follow in her footsteps to seize the opportunity to do the same.


"Even if problems or difficulties arise, whether here or during a longer stay abroad, Festo will always be on hand to provide assistance if required and encourage you.“


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